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  • thax's Avatar
    15th June 2018, 07:17 AM
    thax started a thread NSW Police in General
    30 replies | 2152 view(s)
  • ed.'s Avatar
    24th May 2018, 09:56 PM
    ed. started a thread single bevel vs double in General
    i've shot two blade double bevel since day one , never had any thing to do with single bevel so whats the main difference if any or is it a personal...
    16 replies | 817 view(s)
  • Duckworth's Avatar
    6th June 2018, 12:04 PM
    Duckworth started a thread Quite camo in General
    Hi all, Looking for advice, opinions on some quite clothing ie hunters element hydrapel, ridgeline etc Story goes like this, had a hunt this week...
    13 replies | 765 view(s)
  • Alien Archery Australia's Avatar
    28th May 2018, 01:10 PM
    Mathews ChillX 50/60# 29" Draw 85% Rock Mods VAP V3 Shafts
    11 replies | 940 view(s)
  • crazy jim's Avatar
    24th May 2018, 05:32 PM
    just got home and I can't wait to get back!!! I am looking for 5 to 10 fallow bow hunters to come with me in 2 years anyone takers? ...
    11 replies | 790 view(s)
  • Wightamus's Avatar
    11th June 2018, 06:31 PM
    Firstly I would like to thank and commend Sneaky on his mentoring of future bowhunters. Even more impressive is that he could give time and...
    12 replies | 579 view(s)
  • ian hunter's Avatar
    9th June 2018, 07:57 AM
    Gday all I am thinking of purchasing a stone glacier sky archer 6200 for multi day sambar hunts in alpine vic and hopefully a diy chamois trip next...
    11 replies | 575 view(s)
  • hoyt assasin's Avatar
    30th May 2018, 03:03 PM
    hi guys I am running Easton axis 300 arrows and want to use an outsert on them to stiffen up the front of the arrow and want a weight of about...
    12 replies | 572 view(s)
  • Edd's Avatar
    30th May 2018, 11:01 AM
    Edd started a thread 35+ ata bow in General
    After peoples experience/recommendation for a longer ATA bow (for hunting). Looking at a Mathews Halon X. Good bad or otherwise.....? Cheers in...
    11 replies | 614 view(s)
  • randal's Avatar
    9th June 2018, 10:18 AM
    Now that I have a reasonable selection of heads in my man cave, I am a little more choosy now days of that which I shoot, hunting for trophies is...
    11 replies | 643 view(s)
  • randal's Avatar
    9th June 2018, 08:20 AM
    randal started a thread Skin Cancer in General
    GET YOUR SKIN CHECKED FELLOW HUNTERS. A couple of months ago my mum mentioned that I have a couple of marks on my face that she thought looked a...
    9 replies | 528 view(s)
  • Cheyne1979's Avatar
    1st June 2018, 01:19 PM
    11 replies | 707 view(s)
  • Kimall's Avatar
    17th June 2018, 09:27 AM
    Kimall started a thread Forestry... in General
    So I have a question for you guys that might hunt near N Parks or State Forestry in QLD. If you shoot a animal like a deer well inside the private...
    9 replies | 444 view(s)
  • foinzy's Avatar
    19th June 2018, 09:20 PM
    foinzy started a thread Considering in General
    hey guys usually a recurve shooter but im considering a compound to hunt with. Im at uni and work a couple days a week what peoples opinions about...
    9 replies | 316 view(s)
  • Dr Cashews's Avatar
    21st June 2018, 10:33 AM
    Dr Cashews started a thread ????? in General
    Please tell me I am reading this wrong.......... ...
    10 replies | 413 view(s)
  • ed.'s Avatar
    18th June 2018, 09:29 PM
    heres a pic of some new quiver hoods ive been working on just got to finish them now. ed
    10 replies | 274 view(s)
  • clinton miller's Avatar
    12th June 2018, 06:57 AM
    i'm in need of some steel adapters in 75gr and 125gr. archery addiction has 75gr but where can i get 125gr adapters?
    10 replies | 417 view(s)
  • stringjumper's Avatar
    25th May 2018, 12:40 PM
    1 dozen are virtually brand new, only 2 months old, 5mm FMJ 400, 10.2 gpi that are all fletched with 4 inch vanes, inserts and 29 inch. 1 dozen...
    11 replies | 516 view(s)
  • andy's Avatar
    15th June 2018, 03:33 PM
    andy started a thread 150gn broadheads in General
    Hey guys, What's a good Recommendation for a 150gn two blade broadhead. I'd love to be able to afford 3 broadheads for $50 or so but can't. Not...
    9 replies | 273 view(s)
  • ADO's Avatar
    21st June 2018, 01:08 PM
    I've started shooting my new PSE Stinger and have set my first pin at 10m. But I've read that targets at 10m can be shot with the 20m pin as the new...
    11 replies | 303 view(s)
  • GojiraSteve's Avatar
    20th June 2018, 12:53 PM
    GojiraSteve started a thread SHOT Expo 2018 in General
    It's happening this weekend in Sydney with Abbey's and Bensons both exhibiting. Anyone planning on going?
    8 replies | 269 view(s)
  • arrowflight's Avatar
    25th May 2018, 07:49 PM
    Great Plains Recurve for sale. This bow is 60 in length and 50 pounds @ 28" draw. Only selling as I have over 10 recurves and havent been using this...
    8 replies | 745 view(s)
  • Todd1982's Avatar
    16th June 2018, 07:41 PM
    Todd1982 started a thread Killer bow strings in General
    A shout out to killer bow strings, got my order off Peter fast and the quality is top notch as expected. Cheers Peter
    7 replies | 239 view(s)
  • Hyndsie's Avatar
    13th June 2018, 12:45 PM
    Hi guys, I have a few sets of sights that are surplus to my gear. First up is a Axcel Armourtech 5 Pin dovetail slider with dampener. Also has...
    8 replies | 381 view(s)
  • ed.'s Avatar
    27th May 2018, 07:39 PM
    ed. started a thread take down recurve in Traditional Gear
    no interest so withdrawn from sale
    8 replies | 452 view(s)
  • Hunterbyname&bynature's Avatar
    4th June 2018, 07:39 PM
    As the title suggests does anyone hunt from a bike? Thinking of taking my mountain bike to the high country to get a bit further behind the gates but...
    7 replies | 409 view(s)
  • flyonline's Avatar
    5th June 2018, 05:58 PM
    Any locally available 100ish gr inserts for larger diameter arrows? Specifically looking for 2016 (.2805) but also 2117s. They are available in the...
    8 replies | 345 view(s)
  • Krikko's Avatar
    24th May 2018, 02:15 PM
    I've come to the conclusion that I have way too much stuff so I'm clearing out some gear that I just don't get around to using. All in excellent...
    6 replies | 639 view(s)
  • dustman's Avatar
    23rd May 2018, 08:14 PM
    dustman started a thread Mr Grant Rand. in General
    At the Myrtleford DEER EXPO last month I visited as many of the Archery and all BROADHEAD display stands I could in the last afternoon. I...
    4 replies | 366 view(s)
  • Walms's Avatar
    8th June 2018, 08:05 PM
    I have recently got back behind the bow after fulfilling a few long sort after hunting dreams with the rifle. Having some spare time and excellent...
    4 replies | 309 view(s)
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