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8th August 2013, 02:33 PM
I've just started hunting with an Alpine Soft Loc 5 arrow quiver and it's a great bit of gear at a great price.

I've previously hunted with a Tight Spot quiver (on my Hoyt recurve) and it too was awesome, but at $170 odd its pretty pricey and I really wanted a quiver with 2 grippers. (I've had arrows drop out of the Tight Spot, particularly when using skinny Axis shafts).

On my compound, I've had a basic Trophy Ridge 6-Shooter... more or less the same price as the Alpine but not even close to the same level of quality.

So the Alpine Soft Loc. The first noticeable feature of it is that it's a really solid unit. None of the flimsy, wobbling of my Trophy Ridge. It fits to the bow via a chunky rubber moulding that not only holds it securely and immovably, but also soaks up any possible vibration. It's like adding a dampner to the riser. There is no noticable movement anywhere in the Soft Loc

Fitting and removing the quiver from the rubber mount is a piece of cake, a quick twist and push it into place and the quiver won't move.

The grippers are very secure... I haven't tried it in the field with skinny shafts yet but at home they're held very well too. With broadheads on, it takes some care to be able to get the blades into the foam without the need to slide the shafts through the grippers (which is very difficult as they're held so well).

I would like the hood to be a little deeper. I mostly use Outback Supremes and fully embedded into the foam, around 1/2" of blade is still proud of the hood. Not a big deal but its not something you'd want to forget about when you put the bow in the back of the car... you might have an upset mate should one of the blades touch his string.

The foam in the hood is very tough... it's very solid closed-cell foam and getting broadheads into it for the first time takes a little force but once done, heads slip in and out easily but are securely held.

It's not the lightest quiver going but I'd buy another one in a hearbeat.

I paid around $60 for mine... less than the cost of the Trophy Ridge. But I rate it as a way better quiver. And every bit as well made as the much more expensive Tight Spot.

Cheers, T

8th August 2013, 05:10 PM
Pull out first layer of foam , Might fit better



Richard Encounter
9th August 2013, 12:25 AM
Did you find it had much room for vertical adjustment where it clips on?

9th August 2013, 07:08 AM
Yep, Richard. Plenty of vertical adjustment. You can reposition or even remove the upper gripper to give you even more. You can basically position the quiver into the rubber block anywhere along the frame of the quiver.