View Full Version : Stan Shoot-Off (Blackout) Release Aid review

30th August 2013, 04:07 PM
Hi All..

Thought I would throw up a straight up review on the release aid I'm using..

Stan Shoot-Off
3 finger
Blackout Model

RRP $210 USD

Disclaimer: I have only just started bowhunting and havent shot anything else.

I didn't really know which way to go in regards to a strap or thumb release. I have small wrists and tried a couple of strap types on but they didn't really feel all that comfortable.

My Girlfriend is from the States and brough me back one of these after I read a few forum posts and it sounded like something that may suit. Stan Shootoffs have a good reputation similar to the Carters. I liked that they are suited to smaller hands so I went with it.

In the hand it feels nice, a natural feel and not uncomfortable in any way. The thumb release is crisp and responsive and doesnt jerk your hand if you squeeze it of quick. The whole thing can be tweaked in order to make it custom to your prefered tension and position in the hand. I like mine relitively firm as I was a bit paranoid it may go off if I knock it accidentally.

Basically knock your arrow, depress the button to arm it.

Draw and steady the shot. Let rip..

I'm impressed with it and wont be changing anytime soon..