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16th August 2011, 09:12 AM
hi guys im not a reviewer or pretend to no everytihg about anything but i thought id just share my experience so far with my newest toys cheers....... i just got some burt coyote lumenok lighted signature nocks GREEN!
ive fitted them to my carbon express pile driver hunters the nocks size for this is .245 they fit in ther very snug (u may have to clear the in side of shaft a bit to get them to be able to move easly ... and all i can say about them is WOW they light up every shot with out fail evn throw the middle of the day you can still see there flight and them clearly on my target but maybe a diffrent colour would be better in the day ill try red in a few weeks .... i did mange to mark one nock on the account it fits to tightly in the shaft and can not be move back by hand so i bit onto it .....not a good idea for any nock but its the only tool i had on hand lol but all in all i love them didnt chang my arrow filght at all that i could see but does let you no if your getttin smooth sailing and late arvo last light these things are amazing thats what there ment for and they really do shine ill be getting more only draw back i find there very expensive to by here in australia but so is everything eles....i love the Burt Coyote LUMENOK

note you must remove the bull dog collars from the carbon express range to get them to work
more info can be found on there website jus google ''Burt Coyote LUMENOK''
ill put some pictures up later

16th August 2011, 11:01 AM
they are good but watch out when you hit something hard like a rock or something as the shock can move the nock backwards enough for the contacts to stop contacting, and make the light turn off
this is what i have found

16th August 2011, 06:18 PM
If you have hassles making them fit,Carbon Express make their own "Lazer Eye"lighted nocks that fit perfectly into the CX shafts with or without the bulldog collars..I found the CX shafts to be a tinuy bit smaller ID than Easton etc..

13th November 2012, 10:31 PM
abbey archery sells them for $16 each! that seems a little expensive, what are your thoughts?

14th November 2012, 08:13 PM
abbey archery sells them for $16 each! that seems a little expensive, what are your thoughts?

If you find one arrow that would have otherwise been lost without the Lumenock then the nock has already paid for itself. That's the way I see it.