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disco stu
13th December 2012, 03:30 PM
Been married 10 years now, and dreamed of a dishwasher that whole time. I'm now determined to get one, the kitchen is forever a mess and barely any bench space as it is in this kitchen, especially when doing things for 5 people

Problem is we are renting and our kitchen is pretty small, so installing one is out of the question

I've been told that you can get kits or something for some dishwashers so you can put wheels on them, and quick attach for the hoses etc. The idea is to leave it beside the kitchen where we have an unused space, fill it there, and then just wheel it into the kitchen to give it a run when its full.

I've contacted a few places and done some searching and I can't seem to find any details on this wheel idea. Got recomended a bench top model, but that won't work as we don't have the space for it on the bench top etc. Just keep hitting dead ends

I'm a bit of a DIYer, or make it work kind of guy, and have the thought of just modding one, but not knowing dishwashers I wasn't sure if current model dishwashers were something you could do this to. I am thinking of picking up a cheap second hand one to try it on first and use it until it dies

Anyone here able to tell me of a model available with this portability, or able to tell me if I can just do the mods to any old dishwasher myself?

Any help would be great



13th December 2012, 07:02 PM
I bought one from Bunnings for $400, I think Everdure was the brand.

Best thing since sliced bread and never "throws the sads" ........:D If it could wash clothes, vacuam the house and "snuggle" on a cold winters night I might never have got married in the first place

disco stu
13th December 2012, 07:08 PM
Done a bit more asking and it seems that there won't be a drama adding the wheels to another machine, and easy to connect fittings for the tap etc. Might just do it with a second hand

13th December 2012, 11:58 PM
Same situation, I got a used one from a classifieds website,
No room in kitchen so it's in the laundry on the washer hot tap;
next to clothes washer which is only on the cold tap.
Works fine as long as we only wash clothes in cold water,
which we've always done.

disco stu
22nd December 2012, 10:53 PM
Just won a dishwasher on ebay for 99 cents-woohoo!! Just have to go for a drive to campbelltown to pick it up. time to buy the bits to do the diy treatment to it. Give it to the fam for christmas is my thinking