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Serum's Bowhunting W.A. Blog (Testing Blog functions)

I'll be posting stuff here that applies predominately to my hunting in Western Australia and anything else I think would be a good read for folks. Honestly its also a test as the viability of Vbulletin's integrated blog system.

  1. November 2014 ABF Hand Held Photo Competition Entries

    by , 29th May 2017 at 02:46 AM (Serum's Bowhunting W.A. Blog (Testing Blog functions))
    Quote Originally Posted by Serum76 View Post
    Would be great to see a few of the comps up and running again. Until then let's post a heap of pictures in here that fit the criteria for the comp. I look at it simply, if interest is shown here there is a much higher chance of:

    • A supplier or forum sponsor jumping back on board.
    • Shows we want comps back for the fun aspect of it all.
    • We get to see some amazing photos from all over the place!

    If we get more than a dozen photos up there before the end of June I'll

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