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  1. Introduce Yourself

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    Who am I? Well, I started this very forum nearly 17 years ago. Back then and for the first 10 years it was called The Bowhunters Group of Australia (TBGA).

    In the last 8 or 9 years away from the forums I've been on a life journey full of ups, downs, twist, turns and a few pit stops which has included a few of the familiar names I see about the forums still today; and many which hasn't.

    I still have the bug for the bow, I was born with it in my blood after all... but
  2. Queensland resident wanting to hunt NSW state forest...how?

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    Gday mate all you need is to be a member of a AHO club and do a R licence test. Contact the head DPI 0263913750 in Orange they should be able to let you know who the closest R licence accreditor is to you.its pretty straight forward.when you recive your licence then theres 2 online courses you do thru the DPI hunting site.good luck mate cheers
    Pretty well sums it up entirely.....
    agreed :D thank you all again for the information, tips and direction provided for my questions. ...
  3. November 2014 ABF Hand Held Photo Competition Entries

    by , 29th May 2017 at 02:46 AM (Serum's Bowhunting W.A. Blog (Testing Blog functions))
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    Would be great to see a few of the comps up and running again. Until then let's post a heap of pictures in here that fit the criteria for the comp. I look at it simply, if interest is shown here there is a much higher chance of:

    • A supplier or forum sponsor jumping back on board.
    • Shows we want comps back for the fun aspect of it all.
    • We get to see some amazing photos from all over the place!

    If we get more than a dozen photos up there before the end of June I'll

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