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  1. Yep all good
    will beheading overbefore xmas
  2. Hey baggs you have awoken from your winter hibernation!! I too can smell goats and have been dreaming of them since last trip. If you want to organise another trip (and I'm invited back) would be more than happy to take my bus over although it won't be as fast and comfy as yours!! Be good to catch up next shoot I hope to make the trek there again.
    Hope you've and the family have been keeping well.
  3. Yeah that's why I love whistling you can go out and make them come to you... well some of the time!! Do you just walk around hoping to come across some or how do you go about it? It will all come together one day.
  4. Ive been really close but ya gotta be dedicated to put in a lot of hours....one day
  5. Ha Ha I have never heard it before so would probably think the same!! Have you had a stalk on any?
  6. yeah fine...took wookie out to a deer block and found rubs everywhere and heard a buck thrashing a tree....wookie thought it was an animal stuck in a fence hahahahahaahah
  7. Yeah going well mate.. well kinda. Woke up yesterday with my back totally stuffed. How the hell does that happen?!!
    Anyway got myself a couple game cameras and man those things are great. Put them out there to try track down some fox movements but in a couple days all I got were roos and deer!!! Couldn't believe my eyes when I checked them. Talk about beginners luck!! How you been?
  8. gday mate how are ya
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