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  1. Thanks baggs71, with the guys i hunt with up here, i am sure i can handle the forum. :-) so where abouts do the furry things live? i am pretty new to hunting, but i do have a camel as my FK and a FKOS, so i feel pretty good about myself. :-)
  2. Hi tim
    Wookie is th3 best contact in the club regarding ABA.....I think he won a year or so back etc....we as a group only concentrate on live targets but knock yourself out...we welcome all creeds....as long as you like eating your targets after the fur is removed hahahabba
    Ive accepted your request to join....hope it doee not disapoint you....
  3. Hi, i just requested membership to the South Australian Bowhunters group. I am currently in Alice Springs, but will be moving to Adelaide after the first of the year. I am also interested in any ABA clubs that are in/around adelaide as well.


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