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  1. Sorry mate, wont be able to make it this time.
  2. Hi yak...u coming this weekend?
  3. hi mate welcome to the group!
  4. umm, members wise. I was part of the first group of SA bowhunters that came to shane's/shalee's place i also met Lucas, dave buchanan (not sure if he is still in adelaide) and his girl friend, met mike norton and have remained in contact with him since i moved. I also have some mates that hunt in SA but they mainly use guns. I would like to join SAB because i am from SA, lived most of my life there and hunt over there 3-4 times a year. So i would like to keep incontact with those over that share my love for this wonderful pastime we have.

    Alittle more about myself, im am 30yo married 8 years with 2 kids 5yo boy 1 yo girl, soon my boy will be getting his first bowin about a year or so. I have been bow hunting for about 3 years now and love it, almost got my first fallow last rut but due to technical difficultys ie me i didnt land one. Have nailed many a rabbit and goat with my bow.

    If there is any other info you require of me pls ask away :)
  5. Also why you would want to join a social group thats 900klm away :)
  6. Hi ysk
    May I ask if you know any current members and a little about yourself thanks
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