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  1. Originally Posted by howie
    Postage price to Australia for 2 release aids please!
    Shipped to Australia the other day and it was not cheap. We are working on our UPS account to get some discount shipping international. Should know better on Monday or Tuesday. I know USPS is sometimes cheaper but we can't track the package.

    We are working on it. I have a broad head distributor in Canada and will talk with him about bringing in the releases also. So anyone that is interested in Canada post on here so I can send him here to see the customer base.

    Thank you
  2. Hi Howie this is Corbin's wife carris he has asked me to text you as he won't be able to make his plans with you on Monday morning
    He has been in a motorbike accident and is in intensive care at hospital. I'm sure he will text when he is well. But will be minimum 2months recovery.
  3. What's the web address for that jap fishing line? The 10 pound stuff.
    Apparently they are getting some good numbers of niggers at the end of the south wall
    morning and afternoon.
  4. i'm back.
    whats your home phone number?
    got a new mobile
  5. Looking at some 80-90 pound Dyeema braid - 300m on ebay for $12 posted,
    is that rubbish or the stuff to get?
    Spheros 18000 best price is @ $180 posted, thinking of getting it.
    will give you a call this arvo
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