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Who am I? Well, I started this very forum nearly 17 years ago. Back then and for the first 10 years it was called The Bowhunters Group of Australia (TBGA).

In the last 8 or 9 years away from the forums I've been on a life journey full of ups, downs, twist, turns and a few pit stops which has included a few of the familiar names I see about the forums still today; and many which hasn't.

I still have the bug for the bow, I was born with it in my blood after all... but not so much the drive or desire to pick it up though; too many memories - some good, some bad. I will get back to it one day. I know it will be a good day.

Until then, I will continue to lament the times I hear the bush calling my name and I can't go to her, when i feel the warm kiss of sunset on my cheek and it takes me back to the long walks back to camp at the end of a memorable day's hunt and when I recall those moments of total utter complete consuming stillness as the world closed around you and stopped when you drew back the string that moment before you loosed the arrow at your quarry; when nothing else at all mattered...

...until then...

Back in the day.
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