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    Red Deer Hunt Brisbane Valley

    On Saturday, I had the pleasure of being invited to Mount Kilcoy to hunt Red Deer, using Daryl Higgins @ Hunting Lodge Estate.

    Arrived at the Lodge 6.30am Saturday Morning, to hear 2 Red Deer Stags Roaring.

    Spent 20 minutes with Daryl spotting the bottom section of the Property and going through the best places and Property Layout and saw approx 5 Does casually trotting around the Dam and a straggler hiding in the Bush near the Dam, which has some excellent ambush/blind points and the sheer amount of Trails and Scat was very promising.

    I have never Hunted Red Deer before, so the plan was to take it easy and wait until they roared, inevitably giving up the position and stalking from there.

    The terrain is typical of the area, heavily Timbered with Steep Hills.

    Its very green due to the amount of rain, but this made the ground nice and soft and great for Stalking or just generally walking around.

    There are many easy to read Game Trails all over the Property and a few Rubs so locating where they will be is easily read.

    The cover obtained from the Heavy Timber is also a great plus providing excellent conditions for Stalking.

    Whilst walking up the Hill, there were 2 Stags Roaring, one to my left and one to my right.

    I ended up making the decsion to go to the top of the Hill and spot and see if I could come down onto him as this was the best plan due to the Wind being in my favour.

    The Wind was fair on the day, shifting once, with a few cross-swirls, but very Huntable.

    Due to the amount of rain and the fact that the temp was a bit hot ( and steamy ) the Roars were far and few between, and with the 5x6 Point Stag darting to the Top, Middle and Bottom, it was quite challenging keeping up with him and trying to read where he will go next.

    This Stag is a great Personal Trainer as he had me traveling some distance in between Roars until I finally made the decision to take up a spot where he had been Roaring the most at, hearing him approx 100m and and taking my chance hoping he would come a bit closer, but at this time ( 11am ) he had finished with the morning Roar and perhaps went for a snooze or just became quiet.

    The Roars where far and few between, a total of 5 over a 4 hour period, but according to Daryl, at the right time and temp, Roars are more frequent.

    There are 2 main Dams and 2 Blinds with Salt Licks.

    The Blinds are well constructed and are equipped with comfortable chairs. Great spot.

    Daryl is very Profesional and his experience in Hunting these Deer is very impressive.

    With decades of experience under his belt and his commitment in providing Bow Hunters with the best possible chance in retaining a Trophy, it was a refreshing change.

    There has been quality heads taken in the last month, as a 5x6 was taken the day before and some exceptional trophies adorning the walls gives an indication that this place surely fires.

    Its just starting to fire and with excellent Daily Rates and Trophy Rates, I would recommend this service to anyone looking at investing in a Red Deer without forking out a Kidney to pay for it.

    There is also great accomodation if required and fully catered for packages, great way to spend a weekend with Family and Friends or just relax and take in the majestic scenery.

    Photos to come.

    Thanks to Daryl and Vicki for the invite, I will be back for sure.
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    Sounds like a sweet spot mate, looking forward to the pics
    live life and hunt hard

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