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    broadheads for sambar

    just interested before i purchase some broadheads what people are liking for sambar cheers bazz
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    A good solid two or three blade.
    Sambar are a thick skinned deer and sambar are quite hard to get close to with out them working it out, so a long shot may be an option, if you have more than 3 blades your loosing a bit of penetration. But it all depends on your bow setup and arrow setup.
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    Tusker Spirits will make a nice pass through on Red from 40 metres at 60lbs and 28 inch Draw Length. But after losing a blood trail using a two blade, I've gone back to a 3 blade which I used previously. They are G5 Montec 3 blades and they also will make a pass through at 30 metres on Sambar. Neither heads were damaged after use and they came up sharp again with a little diamond stone work.

    But, that doesn't mean other heads won't work or aren't good value. So read the others opinions and what they have shot with them and go from there.

    I've also just bought a cheap arse set of 3 Redzone three bladers which are copies of the G5 montecs.... or very close to them in design anyway. After I've taken something with them I'll let you all know if they are crap or good. :) Bring on the Redzone haters........ I'll even shoot em using my crappy Redzone arrows!!! :) :)
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    Sharp ones.
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    Any good quality well made two blade broadhead that's shaving sharp and well constructed will do the job.
    I'm using the VPA 250grn heads, got a clean pass through on the last one and it encountered bone on exit and entry without leaving a mark on the broadhead.
    I have taken Sambar with Woodys heads and tuskers also.
    Intend to try some 3 blade VPA's this year on Sambar and see how they go.
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    Humans have been using 2 blade broadheads for thousands of years with excellent results, which have allowed us to dominate as a species (up to Homo sapiens).

    I have seen/read scientific studies that showed 2 blade BHs have the best lethality (so long as they are shaving sharp as Paul and Teed mentioned, but this is important on all BHs). Shot placement is then the critical point. 2 blade BHs performed better than mechanical, 3 & 4 blade BHs.

    Doing my own testing, 3 & 4 bladed BHs did not stand up to the punishment that Woody's Stealth II (130g) were able to withstand (they looked like they had not been shot). Some of the 3 blades especially were wrecked after 1 shot where bone was clipped.

    I have mentioned this before so don't want to harp on about it.... When I was in the Solomon Islands many years ago, I saw bows made from local island wood that would have maxed out at 40 or 45 pounds, but averaged 30 pounds. Some of the BHs were made from tin cans and then shaped and sharpened. These bows brought down very large boars.

    In the end I suppose it comes down to personal choice, trial and error and finding what suits you best.
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    thanks very much every one that was the feed back i was looking for i was hoping to be able to use an aussie broad head on the sambar i know how tough they are thanks again cheers bazz
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    I shot a sambar with a 495g arrow, out of a 70lb 29" with a 3 blade solid vpa. Clean pass through at 40m
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    Quote Originally Posted by teed View Post
    Sharp ones.
    teeds summed it up in 2 words .
    id be more concerntrated in thinking how to ambush samba or treestand positions cos they are near impossible to get into bow range on foot , they have an incredible sense oif smell and l believe the best hearing on them than any other deer specie, added together with an uncaany sense to detect danger.you want a fsat power full bow with sharp broadheads and a good weighted arrow from a concealed position
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    Quote Originally Posted by broadhead this View Post
    I shot a sambar with a 495g arrow, out of a 70lb 29" with a 3 blade solid vpa. Clean pass through at 40m
    well done broadhead this .
    was it stalked or ambushed mate ?
    you've done what I try to do regularly , my hats off to you cobber
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