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    Cold Steel Natchez Bowie SK 5

    Gday I've just been lucky enough to receive a new knife in the mail,as the title suggests it's a CS Natchez bowie SK 5 version.
    Now if you don't like big ,fly off knives,this ain't for you. The blade is 297mm long from the guard, 7.5mm thick on the spine,and 45mm deep at its widest. It has a 117mm clip which is described as being not sharp,well I wouldn't want to run my finger along it too hard I gotta say! The blade sweeps quite smoothly from base to tip in a semi sabre like fashion along the edge,and the spine follows suit. Definitely designed to slice and slash,which I guess is what CS has designed it for.
    The guard is made of brass,25mm wide,83mm deep,and 5mm thick. The 135mm handle is made of faux cocobolo and in what they call a double coffin shape. Its actually very comfortable to hold either with a standard grip or a reverse grip. Looks nice too but is a little slippery. It is finished off with a nice solid brass pommel which you can see the end of the tang through, similar to a peened pommel on a European sword.
    Talking of the tang,its meant to be what is called a cable tang. So basically only half the length of the tang is solid,the other half to the pommel is thick cable. Supposedly its meant to make the knife "livelier" in the hand,which I guess goes with the whole fighting knife theme. Personally I'd prefer a full solid tang,but in saying that my research showed only one broken one that had been used to baton through a piece of hardwood. That's what my 'hawk is for !:-)
    The blade is fully flat ground but comes with a bit of a factory bevel of course,it was nearly shaving sharp,after a couple of strokes on a steel it was popping arm hairs off. Nice !
    The sheath. Well what to say about that. Its practical and will prevent the knife from cutting you when its in it. Apart from that its a bloody horrible rattly uncomfortable hard to get along with piece of crap. If you like "tactical" sheathes it woulb be up your alley,but it certainly doesn't suit the knife so I'm getting one custom made. Personally I don't see why CS can't supply you with a leather sheath like their San mai version,after all you still pay $300 for one of these at least they could give you a decent sheath ( I didn't pay that much though :-) ).
    Where does this fit in with us hunters? I don't really know that its necessary,it would be a good defence knife for hunting pigs,and I'm sure I'll use it in the bush for stuff,but in the end its just a cool big knife that kinds of fits in with the whole mountain man image. I can't wait to take it out hunting and use it!Attachment 9768
    75#@29.5" Martin ML-10 longbow "The WytchStyk" now a takedown
    72#@29.5" Mongolian horsebow from china
    Samick deer master w/ 35# & 55# limbs
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    I love a good Bowie. I was checking out a thread on blade forums today where all the custom knife makers go head to head to creat Bowie of the year.

    You should see these creations. You ever seen a sub hilt Bowie? Or An american fighting bowie with a Hamon?! Unbelievable.

    Price of admission was not cheap, although I've spent more for comparatively less.

    Cold steel puts big bowies in the hands of us mere mortals.

    Thanks for the post Pete.
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    I've kind of only just got into bowies really. I sort of just wanted a big blade to complement my 'hawk,to that end I started making an antler handled seax ,but then I saw pictures of the Natchez bowie and kinda fell for it! And when one came up on SBG for $125+postage I had to have it!
    75#@29.5" Martin ML-10 longbow "The WytchStyk" now a takedown
    72#@29.5" Mongolian horsebow from china
    Samick deer master w/ 35# & 55# limbs
    Opinions are like a#$holes everyone has one
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    Attachment 21791Attachment 21792 well I rehandled my Natchez today I really quite like it with the fallow antler ☺
    the artist formerly known as bigpete

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