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    Anatomy of a pig (graphic photos)

    Been a bit of discussion of late about shot placement on pigs so I thought I would dissect a pig to show anyone interested.
    This is a pig I shot this afternoon. It was a quartering away shot with the arrow taking out one lung and the pig running 100 metres before expiring.
    Entry wound

    And exit wound

    This is the triangle that you should be aiming for

    And these are the vitals, the red being hart and the green lungs. The spine is in yellow to give you an idea of where it is.

    The same photo without the drawing

    And the bone structure

    A two bladed broadhead like the Blackstump are the go, that with a 300 spine arrow had complete pass through including taking out this rib

    And the end result

    My artistic work isn't the best, but I hope this helps. If aiming for the heart I aim strait up from the point of the elbow in the bottom of the chest and if you hit above that you have lungs. So get out there and have a go just remember to get in as close as you can to ensure that clean kill.

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    that was very instructive mate. thanks for posting this valuable information!. and that is right no long shots, get as close as u can!. cheers
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    Anatomy of a pig (graphic photos)

    Great work Ben. That's a ripper tutorial on vitals, thanks for putting it up.
    Nice boar too mate, good on ya.

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    Great Great Great work. Love that busted rib.
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    Thank you for going to the time and effort Ben. This is great stuff.

    I don't think we can ever have enough of these types of posts. Would be good to have a thread started where people putup a post like this and then talk about what the blood trail was like, path of broadhead etc so we can all elarn from them. i think i will start a form and make a sticky of it. What do peopel think?
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    Great Read Ben and lets have alot more of it Ant!!!!:cool:
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    Awesome work Ben! pity about the broken hook though! Definitely a great idea Ant
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    Certainly your nfo is an aid in our3D target shooting. The targets are often inaccurate in their point zones. If you practice wrong you'll do wrong in the
    Bush. Great pics and your detail with the coloured highlights, was really well detailed. Shoot close and shoot well.
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    Good post Ben.
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    It's a yes from me Antonio.
    If it's worth doin, It's worth overdoin.
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