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    Hunting the mountain miss haps

    Attachment 10824Attachment 10825Over the weekend myself and a few others went on a deer hunt. After doing the usual grassing etc we followed a few trails and finally spotted the deer grazing on the slopes. We sat and watched for over an hour but we were having so much trouble with the ever changing winds . We then started a slow stalk on the deer still feeding in the hills above we had closed some ground then the wind changed and just like that they were gone. A little while later we tried somewhere new with the rain still falling and the ever present wind swirling we spotted a mob of big goats and proceeded to make our way down an old overgrown fire track when I tripped over a stick" so I though as I cursed looking down I realised that ain't no stick but my arrow . It had fallen out my quiver hit a rock and I had walked strait into a perfectly sharpened 2 blade head which pearced strait into my inner thigh f$&@€<<~|<>%#^blood was spurting out everywhere stupidly not packing what we should have we had nothing my brother freaked out pointing out the arrow was in my artery and the rich red colour of the warm blood oozing from my would did not look good. I told him to lie me down and he almost in tears sprinted back the 5 km to our lodge in search of help while I lay in the freezing mountain air cold wet and bleeding badly thinking this is it I'm going to die here in the middle of no where , how did this happen what went wrong why me . Are just a few things. Crossing my mind 1 hour passed and in the mean time I removed my shoelace In-between holding pressure on my lag I tied the shoelace around my leg to stop the bleeding watching my breathing and trying to stay relaxed I finally hear a car and people yelling help , help is coming closer it came closer help was here . With no reception and the helicopter unable to fly the picked me up put me in the 4x4 and drove me to safety the road was terrible and the arrow wobbled on every bump which was doing more damage every time and gave me more pain . Strait to the hospital they removed by cutting all my new cams and good boots off. I was then transferred to another hospital armindale which after scans and MRI s they finally were able to remove the arrow safely . Now on drips and antibiotics to keep out the infection and 16 stitches later I'm on my way homeward bound . Big thanks to a forum member u know who u are for your quick driving and help possibly saved my life . Please all take all necessary precautions while hunting take a first aid kit and e pirb on every journey as u never know what could happen . Happy hunting boys ! Attachment 10823Attachment 10823 note arrow entered left leg 13 cm inside with a tusker spirit really sharp broadhead and broadhead was resting on my main artery my veins collapsed and my hear rate dropped to below 70 which I found out was very bad as I was monitored continually . Sadly they threw my arrow out . Note when my brother returned in the 4x4 I pretended I was dead as a joke but he didn't think it was funny at all but at that stage I almost was !! Bad sense of humour or bad timing big thanks to Kevin and his wife from emmaville for their quick thinking organising the ambulance etc they both saved my life so thank u guys !! We will be back soon with my hunting partner phill and brother Luke !
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    Holy - c-r-a-p!
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    Hunting the mountain miss haps

    Very lucky mate, glad to hear it worked out.

    "One life, one chance"
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    Glad to hear you are okay mate.

    I carry a PLB everywhere for just such an occasion... things can go wrong sooo easily!

    All the best for a speedy recovery Kermit!
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    Not a good idea to hunt on your own!
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    You were one lucky bloke mate.......I had a rifle explode many years ago and was about 5 miles from the car....my mate ran all that way to get the vehicle then a mad 4 hour dash to help......no mobile phones or emergency stuff available back then that an ordinary person could afford......best of luck on the recovery.....
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    wow your a lucky guy, but you probably already know that,thanks for posting this to remind us all of what can happen ,im glad your brother was there and you made it out best of luck with your recovery
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    If something going to go wrong, its good to have a partner in crime. Glad you weren't hunting alone and hope a speedy recovery

    I hunted for years alone and now perfer company in case the unknown pops his head up.
    Drenalin rush :)
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    Fa$#@k bad luck mate looks nasty.
    All the best
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