Rules for Classifieds - Please Read

In light of some recent events, ABF has decided to implement some general rules for the ABF Classifieds section. These rules are easy to follow, and have been put in the interests of fairness for buyers and sellers alike.

All advertisements are to generally follow the following format:

Post Title: (Insert brief description of item)

In post:

ITEM: (Insert brief description of the item you're selling. If several of the same item, state how many).

MODEL: If applicable, insert some information on the make/model of your item.

CONDITION: Insert brief details on the condition of your item - e.g. New/used etc.

PRICE: Insert the price of your item. ONO [Or Nearest Offer] is acceptable, but a price MUST be listed. Also include details on how postage will be handled [e.g. delivery included in price, or delivery extra].

Provide as much detail as you like to describe your item. Generally the more detail, the more interest your item will attract.

Feel free to post pictures of your item/s, or link/s to relevant websites.

Please be advised that any advertisements not conforming (within reason) to the above requirements will be deleted.