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    PSE DNA tuning troubles

    I Have just purchased a 65lb PSE DNA. It doesn't matter what arrow or rest I try, it gives a big left paper tear unless the rest is pushed until it hits the riser. Then it punches bullet holes at that point, but is not useable because the sight pins are almost behind the riser.

    There is a bit on the net about this problem. The suggestion is two twists on the left yolk fixes it, but also first check the limb sequence is correct.

    The limb stiffness on mine is as follows : the bottom two are marked 146. The top left 153 and the top right (Side with the cable) 146. Does anyone know if this is correct for a right handed DNA? Any other DNA owners out there who could see what the sequence on their bows are? The numbers are imprinted on each limb. It seems reasonable that the stiffer limb is on the opposite side to cable to help cable lean.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: PSE DNA tuning troubles

    Put a straight edge on the riser and check its not bent guy at my clubs brand new dna was and have tune and speed issues

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    I am going to go against the trend here, forget paper tuning. I have a DNA and it shot dead on with the rest lined up with the riser marks, and then I went through all the tuning processes, walk back, paper etc and they all said the rest needed to be right over near the riser but I couldn't get the damn thing to hit the bull at all distances, so I put it back to the marks on the riser and low and behold it hit dead on at all distances from 10m to 50m and thats were I leave it. i have had 3 different rests, blade, ripcord code red and finally an Apache drop away and they all hit dead on when set at the riser marks. If it hits the spot were your aiming at forget about paper tuning, big deal if it has a slight tear one way or another as long as it hits what your aiming at. By the way I am a bow tech with my own tuning and repair business so I know what I am doing with a bow. The DNA just seems to be a different animal than other bows. Now if it's not hitting the spot your aiming at then you really have to fiddle a bit, but just a very small bit. Check your arrow spine, check your release (more tears come from bad form than bad tuning) and don't get to worried about it if it hits the right spot.
    Just enjoy a great bow.
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    Does it broadhead tune alright with it like that Westaussieguy?
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    Hi Westaussie

    No it won't tune well with broad heads if it doesn't paper tune. If an arrow is with a broad haed comes out of the bow at an angle it will tend to plane. If you have a look at Michael Bradens DVD series. He shows that if paper tune properly, then both bare shafts and broad heads impact at the same place (care with broad heads as orientation can also affect it. I find that horizontal broad heads orientation with a compound is a big no no. I am told it is because arrow flexes in the horizontal plane on a compound. This makes sense in light of the 1st statement about arrow orientation and planing).

    Any way to all DNA owners if you have the same problem. Two increased twists on the left yoke and 1/2 twist back off on the right has sorted it out.

    If you place an arrow on against the left side of the top cam, it should cross the string somewhere near the peep and it is good to go. This is the same as being reported off some of the US sites.

    Good luck and good hunting.
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    Disco, i have to admit I haven't had a broad head through it yet, but from what I have seen it doesn't take much to get them flying good, It seems from all I have seen and those that I have spoken to, it only needs very small amounts of adjustments to get them flying good.
    Cheers Matt
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