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    limpopo hunt 2013

    hey there boys and girls,

    I am at the end of day 4 of a 6 day hunt ion the Limpopo province of South Africa, hunting on a farm between a little place called Steenbokpan and the Botswana border. This means its in the middle of nowhere, but the hunting is amazing. I am hunting with a mate from south Africa, on a property another friend manages. On Sunday, we had the day of the trip so far, with my friend Andre taking a fine warthog with a 45lb Hoyt buffalo at 12mt. I must have appeased the hunting gods as I managed to take a fine young table warthog boar and a magnificent 21 inch impala. All these animals were taken walk and stalk.
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    Monday and Tuesday were horrible weather wise, so we decided to take it easy and just walk around early in the morning and sit in blinds in the afternoon. The farm manager was with us on the Tuesday afternoon, and gave me the all clear to take a blue wildebeest cow for meat, as we had been eating him out of house and home. 15kg of biltong and 25kg of drywors (dried sausauge) was made.
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    Next on the agenda is a big warthog boar and blue wildebeest bull. Heres hoping!

    PS Hoythunter your quiver works just fine!
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    Very nice Jim, spot and stalk would be my choice as well if I ever get to Africa.
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    Wow, that area is unbelievably beautiful. Almost brought a tear to my eye with the memories.
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    kicking some goals jimmi
    walking up a bwb is sneaky stuff mate
    usually ends with a big wwwwhuuffff and the sounds of sticks breaking .
    congratulations .
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    hey bluey, I wish I got her on foot but we were in the blind looking for management animals.
    I got back to aus yesterday and wasn't able to finish my hunt report due to the internet access packing it in. considering where I was hunting I was amazed I had it at all. In any case I got another management impala on thursday afternoon out of the same blind as the wildebeest.. I am gonna write up a full story in the next week or two and will post it then, but I gotta put the vid of the wildebeest shot on as its pretty mad.Attachment 11776
    I don't consider him a management animal, just a fine old worn down ram.
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    Very cool hunting bud, looking forward to the rest of the report and vid. I'm looking forward to the day I get over there to see some of these cool critters.

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    Spot and stalk on African is a great thing. Good way to mix it up and well done on taking some fine animals
    Not all deer make the record book, but they all make mine

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    Hey Jim, Good to see you smashed em over there and some really cool photos to boot. Keep em coming mate.
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