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    great as always
    Every day that you spend in inactivity, you are getting weaker. Every day that the elk moves through the high country, it is getting stronger. The longer you wait, the wider the gap grows.

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    I know this is an old thread, but I just finished reading it. Fantastic story and pics. Thanks for taking the time to share it in great writing and great pics!!! I really enjoyed the thread.
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    Yep coming in late also - but combined with the story and excellent pics- its without a doubt one of the more impressive reads in a while - well done mate and thanks for taking the effort and allowing us to relive the hunt along with you...and you're right about the CY green ants - I had the misfortune of having a nest fall on me when I walked under a tree - still got some of the scars..
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    What an amazing trip guys, just read it for the first time
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    Semi Live - The Cape York Experience : 13 Days Complete

    This was a awesome read. How did you manage to sort out this sweet trip?

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