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    Would love some Spirit 125's
    They really do the job nicely..

    Ho Ho Ho...
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    2 Tusker DVD's for me please... No need for broadheads atm as I am only new to the sport so I won't be hunting until I get my shots perfectly accurate first
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    125 grain triads and Wandering the New England Ranges
    hoyt spyder 34
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    November-December 2013 Great Tusker Giveaway!

    2 dozen tusker triads 125 grain please

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    (B) 24 broad heads ...any of the tusker ... never used tusker's yet . would like to give them a go.
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    boars n barra and 12 screw on spirits please.
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    dozen spirits and any bowhunting vid. cheers
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    (a) 1 dozen Tusker Broadheads + 1 Tusker DVD

    New to the sport so any dvd or broadhead will be either good knowledge or something to better equip me for when I venture out to hunt regards Web

    And Merry Xmas to Tusker and good job on this comp!
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    Something in 125gn and something with deer in it. I'm pretty fussy

    Thumbs up once again to Tusker and these guys for this comp that anyone can enter!
    eject, EJECT!!
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    I'd really love 2 dozen heads of the heaver variety !! Love seeing them bad boys fly!!!
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