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    Stainless steel media tumbler

    just thought id share my new tumbler with everyone because i was blown away with the results

    well i brought a Thumler's tumbler to clean my 243 rifle brass as i was getting over my ultrasonic cleaner.
    dont get me wrong the sonic cleaner does a great job but i can only clean 20 at a time max and even then it takes about 4-5 runs on 7min cycle
    so after seeing a mate with his wet tumbler and reading the difference between dry tumblers etc i took the gamble and brought the tumbler and the stainless steel media (pin type) and some burnishing compound
    took a week or 2 to get everything but i set it up

    now the yanks use lemi shine and your washing up detergent but i used burnishing compound for polishing metals
    i put 2.5kg of the stainless media in and 120 cases in the tumbler and filled with water as per instruction and ran for 4 hours
    now the 1st batch came out dirty and with like a wax type feel to them but they cleaned up great once you wiped off the waxy stuff (also put them through the sonic cleaner to clean inside ,
    i rang my mate and he said yeah that happens if you run them for to long anyway i did a bit more digging etc and decided to do another batch for 4 hours but this time i added 2 squirts of dish washing detergent along with the burnishing compound and let it do its thing

    this time success beautiful clean brass inside and out just like brand new brass

    dirty brass shot about 5-6 times then now clean brass

    its great and wont go back to other cleaners , just throw them in tumbler and let them do their work

    best money i've spent on my reloading gear

    besides my Forster CO-AX press which took 6 months to get from the US because everything is back ordered but saved myself about $200 than buying it here , bloody great press kicks butt ove rthe old Lee press

    here are a couple of vids
    if you dont want to spend as much as i did there is this one

    but this is the one i got

    but i use a bucket a water with a strainer to seperate my brass from the pins
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    They came up a treat, will be looking into this I reckon, thanks for sharing.
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    Pardon my ignorance, but whats the benefit of the clean brass?
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    updated with some vids of you tube
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    Quote Originally Posted by disco stu View Post
    Pardon my ignorance, but whats the benefit of the clean brass?
    it cleans all the old carbon/powder out of the inside of the cases so if you reload and fire your not putting old crap into your barrel also you dont have to clean out the primer pockets one at a time saving time
    get better accuracy out of clean brass than dirty brass
    dosent put carbon and dirt inside your sizing dies which can damage them
    also make them easier to see faults with your brass
    and it also makes it look shiney haha

    i also save time doing it this way over the ultrasonic cleaner as i can put 120 rounds of 243 cases in just let it go and do its thing while im doing other jobs , then 4 hours later i come back and clean out tumble . let my cases dry in the sun for a few hours or if im in a hurry in the over for 20mins at 65 degress on a tray
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