Bowhunting Downunder
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    That's exactly what I was wondering about Al. Why did the picture which was taken in the US get published in a Gold Coast paper?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bowfly View Post
    I think your on the money there Mark.

    Absolutely terrible that picture has made it into your local rag Darryl!!! Fake fake fake.....

    How is the BH so clean? Did the 'shooter' (note, not hunter) wipe it after shooting.
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    Al , I have no idea other than it was on a so called International page in the paper ,I cant understand why they would put this picture in ,its drawn attention for all the wrong reasons , and unfortunately the finger is obviously pointed at hunting and maybe cruelty to animals by hunters , I had the picture pinned up in my work room the day I rang the paper ,I had to take the picture out of my sight it really upset me in my mind looking at it , I love Deer as much as I love hunting them and I hate to see a deer or any animal suffer like this .
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    I wonder how many people have realized theres a couple different arrows pictured on her page
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    Daryl write a letter using the info above and challenge the authenticity of the pics.

    When any of these sort of things are published we should challenge the pic's authenticity. Analyse the pic for factual distortion and bring them to journal/mag/paper's attention, in a polite questioning letter. Don't argue with each other, anti's love cherry picking our responses and condemnation comments. None of us support animal cruelty that is why we all aim to have a clean kill!
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    We are very much on the same page there Darryl...

    A sad day when some 1/2 wit journo is looking for a page filler and spots this BS online. Sadder still that it gets into print...

    "As a rule, nothing does an arrow so much good as to shoot it, and nothing so much harm as to have it lie inactive and crowded in the quiver..." Saxton Pope
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    Quote Originally Posted by darryl bulger View Post
    this picture would not have done us any favors .
    Yeah, that is not nice.

    But, so many people bowhunt, there will always be 1-5% who are not trained, or ready, when they go into the field.

    So they get too excited, or just fling arrows wildly.

    Do we ban bowhunting because of them?

    If so, should we ban driving as well?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkV View Post
    I reckon that's a Photoshop job guys. Why is there no blood staining or wetness around the wound and the broadhead is clean as a whistle. The arrow is also not casting any shadow on the deer.
    PETA and the likes are good at beating up propaganda like this.
    Good point.

    I was talking to the Asia Pacific Coordinator from PETA about the obvious lies to do with sheep shearing, and in the end, she said; "we will have to agree to disagree".

    No backing down even tho they were blatantly lying out of their ass.
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    something similar here, granted it says "crossbow" but the average joe would tarnish all with the same brush.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bonsai View Post

    something similar here, granted it says "crossbow" but the average joe would tarnish all with the same brush.
    What is worse is that many of us wrote to the news outlet and told them the "arrow" was a spear from a spear gun and the newspaper didn't give a ****. Gone are the days when journalists had integrity and wanted to report the news accurately, these days it is all about selling advertising space and controversy and outrage sell way more papers than truth.
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