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    2014 Obsession Evolution 353FPS

    Attachment 12335

    32" ATA
    6" Brace
    23 1/3 - 30 DL
    4.0lbs weight
    80% Let off

    The riser looks similar to a Prime Bow.

    Have already asked for an 80lb one with black riser and stormy hardwoods limbs. Bit of a wait though.
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    Got a price yet?

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    Forgot that, $899US is what i have seen
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    Looks like they pinched some cams off a PSE, be interested to hear how they shoot.
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    That is real nice Thanks Shane
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    Make that $850, just got a price back, still not sure if there's a charge for 80lb limbs, usually is. Older limbs won't fit either, these are wider.
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    ugly mofo!
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    okay, what makes a bow pretty.

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    ugly mofo!
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    try bro.betterley on archery addix or archery talk, he's good to deal with and he'll put a set of his own strings on for no added cost.
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    Keen to buy one too,where abouts in the states can I source one mate.
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