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    Bowhunter Dinner and Get Together - Wild Deer show

    We have planned a great bowhunter's evening for the Wild Deer show weekend in Bendigo.

    The dinner on Saturday night will be taking place at The Exchange Cafe Bar and Restaurant and cost will be $25 per head.

    As we cannot be sure of the numbers and seating, rather than have a full sit down meal for each person, there will be a fine choice of finger foods and canapes going around throughout the evening. The selection is of very high standard and there will 12 different dishes to choose from so no one will go home hungry. There will be seating for up to 80 people and plenty of standing space for people to be able to meet each other and share in their passion whilst they enjoy the evening.

    The food selection will be chorizo and prawn skewers, pork belly sliders, thai spiced fish fritters with lime, seasoned crumbed chicken bites, mini ginger chicken burgers with lime mayo, californian rolls, shaved rare beef costini with caramelised beet root relish, smoked salmon and avocado costini, smoked chicken and avocado puree costini, potato bacon and leak soup shot, chicken sweet corn and leak soup shot and mushroom lemon olive oil costini. I know they sound fancy and I don't know what half of them are, but they all sound damn tasty and I have it on very good word that it is all high quality stuff.

    The Exchange Restaurant is located at Shop 11 Bendigo Bank centre, right in the middle of town, so it won't be hard to find. Festivities will kick off from 6pm on the Saturday evening, 1st of February. On the evening we will have a projector set up and microphone and there will be some great guest speakers.

    The guest speakers will be South Cox from Stalker Stickbows and 46 Rail Clothing. South has also been an editor and still a chief writer for Eastmans Bowhunting Magazine and he has great insight in traditional bow making, obviously his clothing and also is an expert on mountain mule deer hunting in the states.

    Jayson Bentcik is from Victory Archery and is also going to be launching his 365 Archery stabilisers. Jayson will talk about his company and arrow shaft technology and also give an insight into his stabilisers.

    Warren bird from HECS clothing will have a presentation on his line of technical clothing.

    The good folk from the Field Archers and Bowhunters Branch of the Shooters and fishers Party will give a talk on what they will be doing for our sports protection going into the future and I will also have a bit to say on the night about the forum, magazine and bowhunting in general. We still may have a couple more people getting up to talk and will confirm as we get closer.

    There will be some lucky door prizes up for grabs also and we will be announcing the winner of the forum bowhunting stories competition, which will be the Mathews bow of that persons choice.

    We are all very excited about the whole show set up and we really look forward to seeing as many bowhunters at this dinner as possible, so please do feel free to come along as it will be a great evening with a great meal and some top company to be in. Hopefully we can make an event of it for many years to come so we encourage all to attend for what will be a night to remember.

    Could you please indicate your intent in this thread of your attendance and how many people will be with you. Let's pack the place out and have a great night all round.
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    Bowhunter Dinner and Get Together - Wild Deer show

    Sounds like a great night.
    I gotta go get some food now after reading the menu, it's made me bloody hungry !!!!!
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    Yeah Ant reckon I'll be there with 2 others in tow.

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    I'll be their as well Antonio, one only, see you on the friday.


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    I'm there, can't miss that feed! Going to be a ripper night Ant and a massive thanks for bringing it all together. Looking forward to catching up with everyone.
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    Will be there Ant, look forward to meeting a few of you guys on here
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    Thanks Antonio
    Book me in for 4 (2A+2K)
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    Great menu. Should keep the vegans away. ;)
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    I will be there mate should be good to meet some other bowhunters
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    I'll be there with three others.
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