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    Bowhunter Dinner and Get Together - Wild Deer show

    I will be there, just the 1
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    2-3 more.
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    Count me in, will talk to the others to let you know what they're doing. Pretty sure there will be 4 of us.
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    I'm in hopefully with Neal (as said above) , jerry, Owen and Kenneth
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    Great response thus and i know of many others who are coming that haven't posted here. Looking forward to a great night.

    By the way just a reminder that there will be free camping at the Bendigo Field Archers club with toilets and shower facilities
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    Hey Ant, count me in. Looking forward to it,
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    Bowhunter Dinner and Get Together - Wild Deer show

    Count me in as well please Ant. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Cheers
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    I'll be there, with a couple extras
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    should be there might have a few extras
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