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    Fusion Zeon Vane review

    Has anyone tried the Fusion Zeon Vanes. If so what are your opinions on accuracy, flight, noise in flight, general appearance on the shaft. 3 inch vane low profile.
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    I use the blazer version I have found them quite and accurate
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    I use the 2.1 inch on one set up and the 3 inch on another found them both reliable.
    No issues with accuracy or noise. I find them ok to see in the target at 40-50m. Just use a decent glue.
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    I tried the 3 inch ones, quiet and accurate but were a pain in the arse to see, so I went back to standard 3 inch fusion.
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    Thanks Phil
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    Thanks dragonmaster ;)
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    I use the 3 inch green one and it stands out really well all the way out to 60 yards in reasonable lighting.

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