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    Arrow Vane Glue Test

    I done a test on 6 different glues on the Easton Powerflight shafts and with Bohning Blazers vanes.

    The glues I tried were: 1. Bhoning Fletch Tite Platinum. 2. AAE Max Bond, 3. Loctite Super Glue Gel Control, 4. Loctite Precision Super Glue, 5. Gorilla Super Glue Impact Tuff, 6. Flex-Bond Adhesive

    I used two Powerflight shafts, 6 Blazer vanes and 6 different glues.

    I prepared the shafts by cleaning the shaft with paper towel and metho. (Methylated spirits also called Denatured alcohol.) I also cleaned, wiped the foot / base of the Blazer vane and let dry for about five minutes. I was careful not to touch the vanes or shaft with bare hands, as the oils from the skins may hinder the glue. I wrote the name of the glue used on the individual vane and glued them. (The temperature at the time was 15 degrees Celsius.) I then put them aside and let them cure.

    Disclaimer, this was not a scientific test. (I heard somewhere that for a test to be statistically accurate, need about 3000 tests to get a result.)

    After 29 hours I tried ripping the vanes off by hand. (29 hours was just the amount of time frame when I found some spare time. When the kids and missus didn't annoy me. LOL)

    The Loctite Super Glue Gel Control, Loctite Super Glue and AAE Max Bond glue stayed on and I couldn't pull them off.

    The Fletchtite Platinum, Flex-Bond and Gorrilla glue come off very easy. (The temperature at the time was 12 degrees Celsius.)

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    (Please note, different brand vanes, brand/model arrows, wraps, preparation chemicals like acetone, humidity, temperature, etc, will get different results. example - Vanetec vanes with Flex Bond might work better, for feathers the Fletch-tite might work better, etc.)

    This was just my simple one test and hope it helps some one using Powerflights and Blazers.

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    Nice one mate thanks for taking the time, its a question that pops up all the time on here.

    I've found fletchtite platinum a good glue but only if you prep the shaft by hitting it really hard with some coarse sandpaper to give it a slightly rougher surface to bond to. Like you I found the Loctite sticks like nothing else!
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    I have used Tarzans grip with powerflights and blazers for years now. Cannot tear them off by hand and the glue is cheap.
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    Thanks Tony. Yeah, I like the Platinum. I still use it for the drops on the ends of the vane, in case of shoot through's of the target. And great for wraps with feathers as well for me.

    I know I have sometimes had issues with vanes sticking. Here are some tips from the Flex Fletch website: "If they‘re not sticking, something is not cleaned properly."
    "Glue sticking to the shaft means the vane needs the most attention."

    "Glue sticking to the vane means the shaft needs to be cleaned more thoroughly"

    Of course; Out of date glue, incorrect temperature storage of the glue, out of date activator on some vanes, are also other factors leading to glue failure as well.
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    The last 2 dozen arrows I have done were done with Quick Fletches and they are doing the job just fine so I won't waste my time fletching arrows any more.
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    Nice one Craig! Last week I compared the data sheets for the loctite superglue professional and the loctite 401 superglue as I couldn't find a seller close that sells the 401 and they are pretty much identical in specs. Based on that I got a bottle of the loctite professional from Bunnings and have used it for the outserts on my widowmaker smash arrows and the vanes as well, it's incredibly strong, just be aware it's low viscosity makes it more likely to go everywhere so a small amount goes a long way. I've also used the G5 blu glue which is a great all round glue and gorilla glue, which is terrible for vanes but good for inserts and outserts.
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    I had trouble finding 401 at hardware stores but repco sell it
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    I use loctite professional , don't clean anything, just stick them on. Have to use knife to get them off..
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    Quote Originally Posted by bent arrow View Post
    I had trouble finding 401 at hardware stores but repco sell it
    So what's the cost of the 401 at repco? The loctite superglue professional 20gram from bunnings cost $18.67.
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    unsure of price, but just wanted to say last time I bought 401 from Repco too. It was not on the shelf, I needed to ask them specifically for it as it was stored out the back

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