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    looking for a Rusa

    G'day guys,
    I was going to head to the states next year on a DIY antelope/muledeer hunt but think I'll wait another year to up my points a bit more to get a better block. So next year I've got nothing really planned. I've always wanted a crack at a Rusa so would love to try for one next year. I'm in Vic but don't mind travelling. Happy to consider either a hunt swap for free range high country fallow or a high fenced hunt for fallow or reds on my guiding block in SA or would be just happy to pay a trophy fee. Working at getting some access to a good free range fallow and red block in SA for guiding next year too but not yet set in stone. Dont really mind which option.

    I'm not necessarily after a 35" beast but would love a crack at a mature animal, prefer mass over length really anyways in Rusa.

    I'd be looking at either doing an archery or muzzleloader blackpowder hunt.

    If anyone's interested or wants to have a chat about it a bit more please email me at


    I prefer meat in its original packaging...
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    Good luck on the rusa mate I cracked one this year and there a bunch of sketchy buggers
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    looking for a Rusa

    Here are a few pics from free range and high fenced hunting blocks.

    I prefer meat in its original packaging...
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