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    State Forest NSW - Hunted Out ?

    Hi fellow bowhunters,

    I have finally planted my foot down and headed off to a State Forest last weekend.

    Awaba NSW was booked for two days under my R-License.

    Got there at 5 30 and setup all my gear before sun raise. It was a cloudy day and there are no cars around on the way.

    First thing I noticed, leeches are unstopable at that place so are the mozzies.

    We pretty much covered as much area as possible without having lunch till 4pm.

    I saw no poo, no track, no bedding area or markings, all the grass are untouched.

    Looked at google earth image but it's all just tall forest but no open area for spotting.

    Tried still hunting, wait 10 minutes at one tree then move to the next since grounds are too noisy to walk on.

    Then I tried 3-4 vintage point from above and waited a good while on each.

    Also tried waiting at water source (tho I didn't do this earlier due to rain the day before, from my understanding animal wont come out to water source if there are puddles around.)

    At the end I am pretty confident that it's been hunted out (by hunter or dogs) due to evidence below:
    - No track mark at all
    - Heard few 12 gauge shot
    - Can hear truck and qad bike from time to time
    - Tried fox call with no luck
    - Tried bush bashing but everything looks untouched (and fed alot of leeches for free)
    - 0 rabbit, 0 fox, 0 pig, 0 goat, 1 snake, 2 roos

    I have hunted in private land before, seen how track marks looks like etc.

    My question is that, am I doing something wrong ? or my instincts are right ?

    Otherwise any other SF I should try out ? I heard Neville is hunted out too and Tumut is quite small and filled with bikers.



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    You aren't doing anything wrong, with every new hunting area the first thing you do is scout it for sign to see if it is worth the effort to go back. No sign means you find another spot and start again.
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    Hunting on public land is hard mate, stick with it and you'll find game eventually.
    Cheers, Carlos.
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    Hey mate, you probably couldn't have picked a worse state forest to start out. I do a lot of mountain biking and work training in Awaba, and the things I have noticed are.
    it's always full of people doing all sorts of recreational things.
    And It's way too close to civilisation,
    Your were even lucky to see kangaroos
    It can only get better from here mate, now you have your R license the world (state) is your oyster. Try heading further north is all I can suggest. 😉😁
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    You will find some forests hunt better than others
    Some of them a literally full of deer and if you sit still long enough you will see them
    Personally I would try another one if I didn't see any sign
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    A little disappointing to hear that Awaba is that empty, it's the closest and easiest state forest for me to get to :P

    Also a little surprising that you heard guns in Awaba, since it's supposed to be bowhunting only.
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    Thank you

    Thank you all for your feedback and opinions, means alot to me and motivate me further.

    Definitely will try more SF in the coming weeks.

    My mind tells me to head further inland (West) instead of following the coast up North. Any advise on this ?

    Also I wonder if I should ditch the "bow hunting only" SF and widen my search on general SF ? Too dangerous ? (I do have blaze wear)

    As regards to the few 12 gauge shots I heard, most likely it's coming from the private properties so I wasn't too alarmed.

    Cheers guys.

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