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    farriers file knife

    Attachment 21306Hey all. Im trying to get more experience in knifemaking, iv had a few attempts and im nearly at the point where i can make a half decent knife.
    I like farriers files for stock because they are usually 1050 or 1095 steel, good carbon content and respond well to hardening
    I buy my leather from the queen vic market from the belt guys.
    Any comments or hints are welcome :)
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    Lookin good!
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    Thanks :) this knife is actually a present for a friend, but a local farrier has set me up with more files so ill have a try at a few more.
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    Polished more, etched a makers mark.
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    man that looks flash. got to be happy with the way it turned out
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    looks nice, big fan o that sheath config sitting out of the way at your back (i assume)
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    Attachment 21333thanks guys, yea this is the knife on a belt, out the way but easy to draw and sheath.
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    If my work is acceptable, which i think its getting there, anyone who needs sheaths or knifes can pm me :)
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    Attachment 21415

    This is the next one. Going to try and make a hamon on this blade
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    That blade would look great with a hamon, good stuff Sam
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