Ozcut Broadheads
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    Thanks mate. This is the sheath. I had to make my own leather tools for the pattern. The side peices arent trimmed to their final shape yet.
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    I got bored waiting to heat treat the blade so i roughed out the hilt and cleaned up the sheath edges. Hollowed out the antler and fitted roughly to the blade. When its treated ill have everything ready to go. Thinking about putting in a pommel too. Ideas?
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    Lookin good Sam
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    Nice work. Love the look of the first knife, and the sheath is a great set up.
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    Thanks :) the farrier dropped off about 15 files today, so im thinking of making a few.
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    I polished the blade a bit, hardened and sharpened.
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    Question fellas.
    Iv just had a crack at acid etching, the blade was heat treated with a clay barrier to the spine, and repolished. Then iv etched, and im getting this result .
    Is this a Hamon?
    If not, what have i done wrong?
    Im not saying im not happy with it, im just asking if its recognisable as the result i was chasing.
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    Yeah its a hamon it should be barely visible until you get polishing what sort of clay, it looks to me you could have used a bit thicker amount in depth, too thin and it wont retain enough heat after its quenched resulting in a poor broken hamon.

    Normally I would clay it with a heat proof clay, get red hot in the forge then only a 5-6 second oil quench.
    Into the oven for 2-4 hours so its hardened then I do the acid etch once its hardened and start on the polishing.
    Maybe jump on the bladesmith forum there is heaps of info regarding hamons
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    That's pretty awesome mate
    the artist formerly known as bigpete
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