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    Thanks guys. I just put it on the buffing wheel and it is coming up a bit clearer. Thanks. Ill post a pic when its done, close now.
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    Thanks for the hint. I just put it on the buff and im much happier. Ill post a final pic when its all finished.
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    New one. Skinner. Got some anaconda skin, thinking of what handle material...
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    This is a small skinning knife,very thin blade. Gut hook. Ill remove some of the wood handle so i can put in a metal hilt. Decided i dont like the full wooden handle. Ill try and use the anaconda skin for the sheath too. The wooden handle will be finely sanded and beeswaxed instead of stain and clearcoat.
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    farriers file knife

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    Attachment 23472 coming along
    The brass looks trick with that timber and patterned steel. Really nice knife

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    Thanks stu, its not finished but its close now. Its for a friend here, who has helped me out a heap.
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    Yer looks great mate. I am a fine knife addict. :D

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