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    Posting Pictures on the Forum

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    This is an instructional post on how to place pictures into your posts.

    First you will need to join a photo sharing site. www.imgur.com I have found to be the easiest and it is free to join. Imgur will automatically resize your images for forum viewing, so there is no need to play with the size of them before uploading.

    Once you have uploaded your images to Imgur, you can click on the image that you wish to post up. When it opens you will see 6 codes to the right of the image. Click on the one titled 'BBCode (message boards & forums)'. This will automatically copy that link and it will be ready for pasting into your post.

    Once you have clicked on the IMG code simply go to the post you are creating and paste the link in. You will see some data come up that starts with [IMG]http: etc... When you submit your post, this link will be where your image comes up on the page.

    Using the IMG code is the much preferred option for the site, as opposed to a thumb nail code, as the images are much easier to view when looking at a thread and they are always displayed in a large format without the need to click on them to make them bigger, as you do have to with thumb nails.

    You can post up 25 images per post. If you need to use more than simply stop at 25 and reply to your own thread with the rest of your images.

    I hope this helps and if there are any suggestions that can be added please pm them through so we can make sure this message is the right one we get across.

    A tip to use so your photos are easier to see is to hit enter twice after the text you have been typing and then paste the photo code in. Once the code for your photo has been pasted, hit enter twice again, as this will leave a gap before you write again and your words will not be mixed in with the image.

    Here is an example

    I shot from here

    code goes here for image [IMG]http etc...

    And the animal ran to here

    Paste the code of your next photo here [IMG]http etc...

    Hope that helps!
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