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    Winter Swag Bedding Setup

    G Day All,

    Just wanted to hear what your winter swag bedding setup is!
    Sleeping bags? Dooners? Wool Blankets? How many layers?
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    all i have is a wool blanket folded over keeps me warm
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    I use a -5 sleeping bag with my swag on a stretcher bed. Warm as toast.
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    A quality synthetic sleeping bag does the trick for me
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    What the hell is this 'winter' thing?
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    2x -5 synthetic sleeping bags zipped together in a kulkyne queen size swag

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jap View Post
    What the hell is this 'winter' thing?
    Since moving to QLD, my memory of winter is dimming. Wearing thongs, boarded and a t-shirt as I write this. You southerners are sooks.
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    Good synthetic sleeping bag and my swag sits on those high density foam mats from Bunnings, good for insulation and ironing out any little lumps and bumps, plus it gives me some where to stand on when I take my boots off.
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    Getting soft,lol. The days when the swag was the bomb,not any more. -10 in a hard shell roof top tent for me these days. Feeling the cold the older I get. :o If you hate static electricity then get a natural fiber one.
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    Winter Swag Bedding Setup

    Jet tent bunker xl.

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