Bowhunting Downunder
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    Flannelette sheets, cotton blanket, doona inside my heavy canvas swag, all on a camp stretcher. Usually have a tarp overhead to keep off the dew.
    Keeps me warm as toast on a frosty morning
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    Whatever clothes I've got on, I will usually take off and replace with a pair of footy shorts. Sometimes will use a mozzie net. Ha ha. That's our winter......
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    Brrrr!... vehicle hunt instead of backpack hunt in winter. Bring two thermal sleeping bags zipped together, double bed in the back of the car and an electric space heater hooked up to the inverter ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sc0utT View Post
    Since moving to QLD, my memory of winter is dimming. Wearing thongs, boarded and a t-shirt as I write this. You southerners are sooks.
    Real sooky, Scout. I had two days well below zero when deer hunting in June of this year. That is a test I fear you would not pass in board shorts, no matter how snazzy they might be.
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    I got a Thermarest "Ridgerest Solar" large closed-cell foam mat (R-value 3.5). It is light.

    Staying light a guess need a bivvy bag, Fly tarp, bed mat and Feather Down sleeping bag. I am between spending for a semi-rectangular Sea-2-Summit "Trek 3" (Long) or a Millennium microlite Aluminium M60-U hangon treestand.

    Camping gear is cheap from England right now. Browse and check out SnugPak gear. OutdoorsGB website is in some cases selling gear a hundred dollars cheaper than others are selling the same gear on eBay.

    The exchange rate is very friendly to oz atm.

    Targetting a kitted out backpack max load of 50-60lb - including ultralight climbing system, microlite aluminium treestand, sleeping system, shelter system, bow n arrers, stove, water, food, dry bag, meat bag, baby wipes (toilet and wash), clothes, range finder, bino, orienteering compass, topo map, backtrack D-Tour, nomad solar re-charge thinggy, mobile phone+gps sat... and the list also includes a wool blanket, water filtering system, 1st Aid kit, camp light, headlamp, bone saw, skinning knife, butchering knife, hand axe, chainsaw, gambrel, paracord, atv, center lathe, surface table, grain auger, combine harvester ..and so on.

    Don't know if all that will go under 60lb but that's the shopping target. 😳
    More cred if your bush pedigree is long enough to fashion your own handmade solutions.

    Fly tarp for sunshade and strong winds/rain/snow/sandstorm/flashflood, over a hammock/polymer inner tent.

    Otherwise a groundblind.

    Such as Browning Powerhouse ground blind throw a ghillie over that, peg everything down, brush-in and sleep in that.

    Merry xmas
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    Burke and wills double swag with -12 zip together bags.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trepador View Post
    2x -5 synthetic sleeping bags zipped together in a kulkyne queen size swag
    Your supposed to be camping,not staying at the Hilton!

    Personally these days I use a roof top hard shell wind up cordless drill tent with a feather dooner and a empty large opening plastic throw away bottle,lol.
    Which also has a 7 inch foam mattress.
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    Also look at a space blanket - with the shiny reflective side facing towards you it radiates your body heat back onto you - very cosy on very cold nights.
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    Bourke and Wills - Simpson swag - space comfort ......with

    Mont Kiandra sleeping bag for winter - weighs 1440 grams and opens up to become a doona - great inside the swag - left inside and rolled up with the swag
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    My mate just got on of these - seems very happy with it - easy up - heaps of room - very well made and a 70MM mattress
    2014 PSE DNA SP - 65#
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    Martin Mamba Recurve - 50#
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