Hello all. I am very happy to announce that we will once again be giving away a major annual prize on the forum thanks to the wonderful people at Hoyt. The prize will be given to the best story written up in the Bowhunting Stories section of the site.

Each month a story will be selected as the winner for that month and at the end of the year the twelve monthly winners will go into a draw for the major prize.

Given that we are already two thirds of the way through the year, we will go back and select a winner from each month up to the end of August and then select the next four entrants for the months of September through to December. I will place all winning entries into a single thread with a post for each monthly winner. I will roll these out over the next week or so.

Now to the prize.

The 2016 prize will be my Hoyt Carbon Spyder ZT Turbo in 30" draw. It is loaded with a two piece Hoyt quiver, Hoyt Site, drop away rest and Hoyt Stabiliser.

The bow is one that I have used for a little over twelve months now and it has killed some beasts. It will have some marks on it and the draw will be what it is. We will ship it to your door as is once I receive the next bow I am to hunt with and keep it going for next year.

Next years bow will be a Hoyt Carbon Defiant Turbo fully loaded and we will do the same once again.

Thank you as always to the great people at Hoyt for supporting us here and best be getting your typing fingers heated up to be in the running the shoot the best shooting bows on the planet.