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    Change of venue 2016 Annual Awards

    Hey everyone,
    Due to circumstances out of our control, the 2016 Annual Awards will now be held at Dubbo & District Field Archers.
    Below is a letter from Trophy Takers Chairman, Dave Whiting outlining the circumstances and new venue.
    Hope to see you there, it is looking to be a great weekend.
    Cheers, Memo.

    Important Announcement
    2016 Trophy Taker Awards
    Change of Venue

    Hello Members,
    It is extremely regrettable to have to advise that at the very last minute (IE, found out only a matter of days back) that our opportunity and plans to hold our 2016 TT Awards in conjunction with a scheduled Traditional Invitational Archery shoot at Chevallan Archery Park Gympie Qld has fallen through and we the TT Directors have had to very quickly find an alternate and suitable venue.
    I will get onto the new venue shortly and whilst I will not go into great detail at this time I can say that the final decision re Chevallan Park was taken out of our hands entirely in the end by some very very unrealistic developmental requirements and exorbitant fees that had to be satisfied and paid to the recently involved local Gympie Council before they would allow the Trad Shoot and TT Awards weekend to go ahead.
    Needless to say owners Gary and Tamara who have worked tirelessly and were showing great enthusiasm towards hosting our 2016 Awards are devastated, as are the Trad circuit committee, Dave Keable and Ben Salleras, who were the local TT members on the ground and helping co-ordinate our attendance and requirements for the weekend.
    Gary and Tamara hope to have the Council sorted in coming months and remain very keen to have us there for an Awards ASAP (IE 2017 if all sorted). They pass on their sincere apologies, as do we, to all of our members that have had their plans etc inconvenienced and disrupted by this late cancellation.

    New Venue 2016 TT Awards
    The Awards will now be held on the grounds of the Dubbo and District Field Archers just off the Mendooran Road north of Dubbo NSW. See maps and contact details attached. I am also contactable on 0417045433 should you not be able to get onto Shane or Mel on the numbers provided.
    Few points to note:
    • It will be on the same weekend (long W/E NSW) from Friday 30 Sept through until Monday 3 Oct 2016. Although as usual a few of us will be camping there for a day or two before and after the Awards and anyone feeling so inclined is most welcome to do so and share a few extra camp fires with us.
    • We have been busy in recent days and all but have everything in place for the new venue. We have been granted usage of the adjacent shot gun club grounds, club house and facilities which includes power, showers and toilets. Camp fees will as per usual be kept to a minimum and a token $10 singles and $20 for family fee will be collected as the weekend Camp fee. Plenty of good flat well grassed ground however Club President Shane Dupille suggests an extra tarp to place under your tent or swag might be a good idea given recent plus regular winter rainfall.
    • A bowhunter round archery course and practice butt area will be available to use however a small fee will need to be paid to the Dubbo club for anyone availing themselves of this service (most of us I would reckon).
    • We will be having our usual trophy wall and bowhunting album and photo displays so please each bring something along to include in the exhibition.
    • As is our laid back style there will be plenty of informal time for members, family and visitors to meet and mingle, share a camp fire or form a group and do a round or two. However we do have a few things that need to be locked in. These include Norman Douglas Measuring School, Annual Awards Presentations and AGM. These are covered separately below.
    • MEASURING SCHOOL – We are very fortunate to secure the services of Darryl Bulger to run the course. Darryl is one of Australia’s most prolific, successful and enduring bowhunters and the bonus for all of us is that apart from his expert tutelage it will be great to have him share our camp for the weekend. Mark and Paul Southwell (plus Mark Wills if he makes it) will aid Darryl with the training. TT Certificates will be posted to all those that complete the course confirming they are a qualified TT measurers going forward. I know it was in the last Newsletter but PLEASE let one of the Directors know ASAP if you intend to attend and want to participate (at no cost) in the training. At this stage we plan to run it from 12.30pm to 4.30/5.00pm Saturday 1st October. We will need to be punctual with this as the Awards night will start shortly thereafter.
    • 2016 AWARDS NIGHT. This will take about 2 hours and will commence at 7.30pm Saturday 1st October, with giant pick of the table raffle drawn at the conclusion of formalities. Please try to bring something along to put on the table as a raffle prize.
    • AGM – A few of our key members will need to be on the road ASAP on the Sunday morning so at this stage we will need to slot the AGM in for an early start IE 8.30/9.00am Sunday 2 October. Please make sure you come forward if you would like to table anything for discussion at the AGM (this applies to ALL members).
    • We will have a game meat spit and veggies on the go as a free meal on the Saturday night for ALL persons in attendance.
    • The Arrowhead Magazine will be out shortly and will have an advertisement incorrectly showing TT Awards at Gympie. Please disregard as it was obviously placed months ago and no longer applies.
    • To anyone wanting to fly into Dubbo for the AWARDS or MEASURING SCHOOL and wanting to travel light I can assure you that one of us locals will be more than happy to pick you up and drop you back to the Airport as needed. I also have a good number of swags and tents should anyone want to borrow for the weekend. Not a problem.
    • TT Est 1986 – That’s right the seed of growth was first planted at the Orange Walkabout shoot in January 1986 and with foundation meetings in Dubbo, Goulburn and Canberra in the following months TT was off and running. Yes we are 30 years old this year and I would love to see as many of our, past, old and new members come along and celebrate the occasion with us.
    Safe travels,
    Dave Whiting - Chairman

    Dubbo and District Field Archers
    The club is located at 5R Hennessys Rd on the Mendooran Rd. Be aware there is a Hennessy Rd in Dubbo and GPS often don’t recognise 5R Hennessys Rd. There will be signs posted along the way but if you have any issue finding the club or would need further clarification please call Shane 0406 013 310 or Mel 0408 433 493.
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    despite the recent rain, the forecast for the weekend is good. A good roll up is expected so feel welcome to drop in and spend a night. Just make sure you bring some repellant, as there's a few mozzies around with all the water.
    Hope to see you there,
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    Change of venue 2016 Annual Awards

    Looking forward to catching up mate, will be there.

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    Well the weather played nice, and a great weekend was had. The TT crew did a great job of setting up a tarp and turning it into a trophy display in a few hours. Big thanks to Daryl Bulger for running the measurers course, and to the Dubbo & District Field Archers for hosting us at short notice.
    As usual it was great catching up with so many passionate bowhunters and meeting new friends. If you're thinking of attending an Awards weekend, don't be shy, and come along for a great weekend.
    Stay tuned for the announcement of next years venue and hope to see you there,

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