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    There are so many activities prohibited in WA national parks, it generally takes two trees to post all the prohibited notices as you drive in!
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    This actually brings up a very long running bug bear of mine. I'm in NSW, not Vic, but everywhere you go you have to pay money to roll over and have a sleep. Been woken up at all hours of the night just for sleeping next to the car before heading out fishing very early etc. And like what was said, when they tell you where you can go to sleep, it costs money

    Even on long drives and finding somewhere to sleep for the night before pushing on is an issue, and its a safety thing as well. They tell you not to drive tired, but you have to be doing fairly well to be able to always afford a hotel for the night ( I know I'm never well enough off to cough up $100 just for a bed). I know some laws say that you can sleep for the night in roadside rest areas and claim safety, apparently, but they still put signs up in a lot of them and people get hassled I'm sure.

    I've sort of worked my way around a lot of this since I started laying out in the back of a wagon to sleep rather than use a tent, but it still really gets me ticked off. Everywhere you go you have to fork out money. And the other side of this is when your on foot in wild areas, like what was the point of the original post. Some places I used to fish I've heard are now patrolled to stop people staying overnight
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