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    Warbonnet Blackbird XLC Double Layer 1.1 with Superfly tarp

    Price: $350 plus postage (Retails for $265 USD Hammock & $140 USD tarp - about $500 AUD if you ordered one today)

    Condition: Excellent - Suit new buyer

    Description: I didn't get to use this as much as I wanted after upgrading to it from a Hennessy, I only got a couple of nights in it. Comes with snake skins from Hennessy and amsteel woopies. The Superfly tarp provides full enclosure in any weather (or privacy) and is matched to the length of the hammock. The design has a clever shelf built in and has a mesh netting fitted.
    You can run this whole set up with a mat or under quilt and can easily be rigged on the ground with a couple of sticks/hiking poles if you run out of trees. I'm going to miss this set up.....you won't get a nicer nights sleep in the bush, but I can't see me getting any chances to use it so it goes.
    No rips, tears or wear marks.



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    Nice set-up! Are they better than the Hennessey do you think?

    Sitting back from your trophy to make it appear bigger only makes you look smaller!

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    Hey mate just wanted to check if you have sold this since the add is over a year old.

    Cheers mate

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