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    Sambar, Ducks, Foxes, Snapper, Squid.... Red Deer or Rusa

    Hey all, only had a look in here just now and thought there's no harm in trying!!

    I hunt Sambar mostly, either with my own Hounds or Stalking, I've shot 3 Monster Sambar myself (and plenty of other Stags too) and others have shot Stags of a lifetime off my Hounds, inc the current number 7 in the books. I love the thrill and adventure of running my hounds on Sambar Deer, and just watching the Hounds do their thing is a real buzz. If that's not your cup of tea, that's fine we can tailor the hunt/s to suit you. Should be able to get you in pretty close to a Sambar for your Bow/Rifle, cannot Garentee it will be a Stag (will try for Stags though), just whatever is out at the time. Can also hunt foxes, whistling/Spotlight, Ducks in season, I live in the Gippsland Lakes region with great Duck Hunting 10mins drive from home. I am also a very keen Fisho so can take you out Fishing too, mostly target Snapper (and do pretty well on them too including Big ones), but also Squid and Gummy Sharks, Flathead etc. You'd prob want at least a few days to a week, and would also be time of year/weather dependant on what we did, could do multiple trips at different times of the year to try and get you what you want, I'm easy.
    I am a 40y/o family man, wife and 3 kids (7,9 and 13) also so would have to work around that aswell and also get leave from work, but im sure I could send you home with some great memories, venison/fish, possibly Antlers etc, no limit on how many you shoot/catch but must adhere to bag limits etc. I have spare Swags, Rifles, Rod's etc so that can be all taken care of, or bring your own if you'd rather. I'd be more than happy to pick you up from the Airport etc, then we will use my 4x4 and or Boats for whatever you want to do.

    In return,

    I really love Red Deer, theres something about them that has me hooked. I cant get enough of watching Youtube clips on Roaring Red Stags, ideally a Hunt for a Stag in the Roar to experience what its like would be great. I'd probly be happy just to be there and you shoot (though I'd rather shoot one myself!!). Rifle or Bow wouldn't matter, I am mostly a Rifle hunter but am getting into Bowhunting more and more. Have Bow shot 8 or 9 Rabbits in the last couple of weeks and practising heaps to improve technique and accuracy. I like Hunting Pigs aswell so if there were any of them around that would be a bonus. I have a Video Camera and Tripod also but am very much an amateur in this regard !! Happy to pay my way, fuel, food etc.

    I have no interest in Poaching (must be legal), returning to your Spots, telling the World about your Spots. I am genuine, honest and respectful and I'd expect the same in return. I would not want to waste my time away from my family, work, $$ etc on a hunt that was put together around a sighting of a Red Deer there years ago. I understand there is many variables involved in hunting and that it dosnt always go to plan, but I'd want at least a better than average to reasonably good chance of witnessing the Red Deer Rut. Ideally, someone who has a few good heads on their wall, and would be just as happy to see someone else have their hunt of a lifetime. I would also want my experience to be enjoyable for you. If it was just drive in somewhere, there's your Red Stag shoot it, job done see ya later then no thanks. I would want you, to be almost as happy as me and certainly I'd want someone who actually wants to be there.

    So that's about it, I may or may not have Sparked your interest. If not, all good I'll keep on doing my thing and hopefully one day will be in a position financially to afford a guided hunt (not the case right now with the kids!) with a reputable guide.

    P.S. I mentioned Rusa aswell because you might fit the bill but only have Rusa available, I have never hunted Rusa so would enjoy that also. I have taken Fallow Bucks, and also a nice Chital Stag so as much as I loved those experiences, I'd like to try something new to me.

    Cheers and happy Hunting
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    Hi Wayne,

    Welcome to the "dark side"! Particularly if you are early in your bowhunting career, consider contacting Brad Murphy who is running bowhunting seminars on a fairly regular basis (one in Victoria in May). Good Hunting

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