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    6, 185gr ozcut 2 blade 3 have been sharpened other 3 still in packet $70 tyd
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    Hi all,

    Anyone know how to get hold of Brendon Edwards (nuts)? Just read his 'feedback'...should have read it first. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Not again!

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    Yep...again. A month and still waiting, no broadheads and no replies to PM'S. I'll correct that, just under a month and still waiting
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    Read the feedback from 12-18 months ago, A loose canon.
    Sorry longer, 04 Nov 2014 in classified feedback.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BENNYSBOW View Post
    Not again!

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    It seems to happen all too often Brother!

    I don't know Nuts at all and have never dealt with him....and never will going on feedback I've read....

    Maybe admin need to monitor members that fail to deliver, and not just close threads about members that fail to deliver....Just saying!!



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    This gets very monotonous... he never delivers the goods on time,
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    Me too mate i bought arrows at the time. I'm still waiitng.
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    Quote Originally Posted by A_MCCULLOCH View Post
    Me too mate i bought arrows at the time. I'm still waiitng.
    I'll let you know if I get any info or a reply from him.
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    Thanks Pete. I'll do the same.

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