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    Fancy arrows on their way

    I am building some fancy arrows for the moment and these are some photos of the practise sessions of splicing, crown dipping and cresting.

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    Nice splicing mate looks a treat.
    I love cresting its quite therapeutic when i have the time.
    Your lines are nice and fine.
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    Top work Swede, did you build a cresting jig or bought one?
    Cheers, Carlos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by daserdark View Post
    Top work Swede, did you build a cresting jig or bought one?
    I used my arrow spinner and added a $15 kit engine from the hobby store that runs on AA batteries. I had to slow down the engine a bit as 130 RPM was too fast. Put a bigger wheel on the arrow and smaller on the engine similar to a push bike. Worked well. A rubber band as "chain"
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    clever idea can you throw up a pic
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stu Ballz View Post
    clever idea can you throw up a pic
    Yes, once the prototype testing is done I will. Still got a few things I would like to change to make it more stable and easier to use. On another note, here is second coat I.e. Color on color and very thin lines.

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    Just fantastic and awesome‼️ One may even feel sorry to shoot them in case you break them‼️
    Do not underestimate the power of the broadhead!
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    Cresting and splicing done. Will fletch tomorrow.

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    Very nice
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