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Thread: Locator beacon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myst View Post
    Hey Sneak,
    problem with sat phones is they (1) require fine motor skills to use properly, (2) require someone else to pick up at the other end, (3) rely on you being able to communicate effectively with the person on the other end, and (4) dont transmit a position to a third party like a radio or beacon. They also dont transmit a localised homing beacon like an EPIRB/ ELT/ PLB.

    Something most people dont realise is that beacons (in all their forms) transmit on two frequencies - 406mhz which goes to satellite and is sent to Earth to the RCC; and 123mhz which is a short range transmission used by emergency responders equipped with the correct direction finding equipment to hone in on the beacons physical location within 5km - even GPS equipped beacons wont give a precise position to the metre, but they will get responders close enough to use the DF gear.

    123mhz is also an international distress freq, so commercial aircraft flying overhead can detect and report the signal.

    In a situation where you are incapacitated, having that localised homing signal could make the difference between survival or not.

    Another very important thing to remember is MAKE CERTAIN YOU CAN ACTIVATE YOUR BEACON IF YOU ARE INJURED! No good having it in your day pack or such...mine is on the front of my webbing shoulder straps...that way at least I can operate it if I have fallen etc or suffered a serious injury. No good having to try and roll around with a broken leg or back looking for it in your backpack!

    Just my thoughts from experience & training....



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    Good point mate as long as you don't smash it when you go a over t and have broken all your arms and legs. Maybe you should watch where you are going hahahaha just kidding. I think as long as you have something when remote and your not dead you can activate your emergency plan.
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    I have a Mcmurdo Fast find GPS PLB which is registered and lives in my backpack all year round. Cheap insurance for remote hunts or even local hunts in areas where phone service is sketchy and risk of snake bite a reality.
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    Hi. I mostly hunt alone and do a lot of remote area work, typically but not always alone. Have used sat phones, but have had enough problems with them that I wouldnt like it to be my only emergency signal option. I have a SPOT gen 3 and a GME PLB, that form my kit. As Alan has pointed out the SPOT system uses a third party to redirect the emergency signal which DOES create delays in getting help on its way. I combat this with the PLB. The SPOT also has three programmable messages that you can set up to send an email and or text to whoever you want. I've got mine set up with different profiles for hunting, fishing and work. I can send a satellite directed text direct to the landholder/wife whoever. I e linked it to my own phone a couple of times and the "non SOS" messages come through almost instantly. The GPS location is pretty bloody close to the mark as well. In a **** hits the fan moment, I'd be triggering both.
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