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    Has anyone traveled with there bow over to croatia and if so whats the protocol on if your aloud to hunt and the laws on bringing in bows?
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    Bow hunting is illegal in Croatia.


    Scroll down to Croatian hinting facts. Second last dot point.


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    Hunted there last week. Mouflon Ram on the Dalmation coast.

    Bows are illegal. Nailed a nice ram on day 1. Easy but fun hunt. Let me know if you have any questions.
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    Bowhunting is unlawful in a lot of places in Europe, including Austria, Germany and some bordering countries. It is possible to hunt in France, Spain, Hungary, and some of the nordic ones like Sweden. Bulgaria allowed bowhunting as of January 2009.

    Most places require you go guided. This adds significantly to the cost.
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    Hi mate - PM Adam K on this forum - as said above I don't think you can bow hunt there - but Adam will definitely know.
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