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    Robin Hood Video Comp

    This is a ripper of an idea form Fragarach and I will run this just the once
    I will do it for the first 4 people to throw up a vid like that
    1) It must be a continuous take without editing or any breaks and only 1 arrow in the target before the shot is taken and we must be able to see the arrow flight.
    2) The words "STU I NEED NEW ARROWS" must be said directly before drawing for the shot.
    3) No Busted nocks it must enter and stay in the shaft to win with carbons or alloys.
    4) WOODS with a trad bow is different I will allow smashed nocks.
    5)Compound bow 30m
    6) trad bow 15m

    If you can do that you will get a FULL DOZEN

    If anyone gets caught cheating rest assured I will track you down and enter your shaft

    Good luck this is a one off and will finish end of next month
    lets see if anyone can do it.
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    Mwhaha *cough*
    Don't forget to upload bloopers reels of your attempts and send me the links for those.

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    Lots of views but not much action.

    I will up the anti the first to do it with a trad bow and the first to do it with a compound gets 2 doz !!

    I want to see this happen whos interested in having a go ??
    Might even give an effort prize so lets see some vids
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    <cough> Bamboo arrows.......? <cough>
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    bamboo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who uses that stuff HAHAHAHAAHA

    same as for woods with a trad bow
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    I'll probably have a go on the weekend. Not at home so no targets in the yard. Don't like my chances tho, haven't picked up a bow in far to long

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    -= The Matter is Void =-
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    you started this its fitting that you lead the way hehehe
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    Yeah. I'm going to throw some 3 blade vpa's on and have a crack. Need some new 6gpi 250 spine arrows..

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    -= The Matter is Void =-
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    Yeah I know. But hey if I manage to hit more than the broad side of a barn I can always get you to send mine to the most awesome fail while attempting this

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    -= The Matter is Void =-
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