Killer Bowstrings
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    Ha ha!!
    eject, EJECT!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dean-yowie View Post
    heres my entry, check it out
    Thanks ballz for the challenge
    Very well done mate, you deserve a prize for that vid. Hilarious stuff, made my day!
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    That vid is MINT! Love your work man.
    Stu, no fear of me gettin my kit off mate, some things are best NOT made available to the general public lol
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    Great vid - love your backyard...BTW ..what did the Silverback end up costing TYD? ..seems there's a big delay in delivering them...and you're the only bloke I know in Aus that has one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dean-yowie View Post
    heres my entry, check it out
    Thanks ballz for the challenge
    Awesome work Brother!'s not the first time I've seen your bare arse! Remember Dreamseason's 40th!!!!

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    stoked you guys got a chuckle out of it. you have no idea how difficult it is to shoot a bow wearing a dive mask
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    Haha Gold mate.
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    I suspect I don't have a chance in hell atm but will definitely fail a few times after I pick my practice cube up later this month. It's only fair after all.

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    -= The Matter is Void =-
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