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    yeah mate the podcast is going great. Loving it!! I`m hanging out for no#3 on us hunts on a budget. An Elk/Muely hunt has been on my brain for a few years. I`m collecting points
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    Yeah enjoyed both those podcasts. As far as future content my favourite podcast has always been full draw full time with south Cox, and I always really liked their live hunts, would be great to hear some like that. Also maybe talk to some some of the hunting properties like jackal's, Milani, or whatever's owners might be good - one because people seem to come on fairly often with questions about them, two because it might be interesting hearing the history of the places and also any trends etc they've noticed in the sport over time.
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    ‎"You hunt?, Killing animals is wrong!" she says as she sits across the table eating lightly grilled snapper in lemon butter sauce. Tell me darling, how does your hypocrisy taste?
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