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    Jackals hide first time

    Has been a long time since we've posted on here and are going on a hunt to jackals hide for the first time in 2 weeks we are after anyone's insight that has visited this property and can tell us your experiences and anything we should know before heading out there all posts are greatly appreciated and any info will be very helpful thanks heaps everyone and keep hunting
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    Have only been there 3 times but always see plenty of goats and deer. Goats tend to be on the hills, but you will see them walking the river towards the south western side. Deer are obviously harder to get close to and early morning walks near the river and grazing on the flatter country is your best bet. It is a big place and your first time will be spent looking around. Some big hills to stretch your legs.
    Will be very cold this time of year.
    Good luck, its a great place, let us know how you go.
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    Take plenty of warm clothes and a spare pair of boots.
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    Yeah it's cold here in brisbane so I figured down there will be freezing, sounds like there is plenty to see down there anyway spare boots was one thing I hadn't put on my list but I'll take a few pairs now just in case...... is there many pigs down that way or mainly goats and deer?
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    Plenty of goats with the bigger ones higher up.
    There is a small herd of Fallow, I saw about half a dozen when I was there but there may be more at times.
    The only pig sign I saw there was in the river bed, nothing at all besides the river but we were not allowed to hunt a low area that looked promising. There is a dam at the top of the mountain, it is a bit of a walk, it looked a perfect place for pigs but there wasn't one bit of pig sign around the soft edge when I was there.
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    I was there in late May and the frost persisted until 10 am on our last day. We camped at Camp B where the toilet and shower is set up. Very comfortable! We saw deer but we never got close enough to flick an arrow at them, closest was about 60m. Goats in the hills mostly from my experience there. It was my first trip and we seemed to spend the first two days working out where the goats were hanging out and their habits.
    Rod had just started 1080 baiting when we got there. Plenty of pig sign along the banks and down the last bend (downstream end of the river) but we didnt spot any.
    As others have said, is a great place to hunt, great for bow hunters and bloody good exercise lol. Being relatively new to bow hunting, I struggled with keeping track of the wind. It was all over the place and I found I had to change my hunt constantly because of the wind changing. Keep a close eye on the wind direction. I got busted by goats a few times because the wind changed and came from behind me mid stalk. But hey, thats why bow hunting is such a buzz. If it was easy, we wouldnt enjoy it at all.
    Good luck mate, looking forward to the write up and photos.
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    Spend the first few days getting to know the property, game is pretty spread out, but there's plenty of it. When we were there for the group hunt it seemed (to me at least) that there was more game seen in the evening rather than early morning.

    Some pig sign, didn't actually see a pig though.

    Wind is hard to keep track of because of the shape of the land, it gets funneled all over the place. Check the wind every few steps.


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    Thanks heaps for all the info we are looking to go for a heap of exercise haha do you park at your campsite or drive to a different spot of the farm daily then walk from there??
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    Its your call I reckon. We drove a little bit but mostly walked from camp. We didnt venture out the back, on the other side of the creek, mostly stuck to the hillsides along the creek from Camp B to Bottle Bend on both sides of the creek. Plenty of goat sign and some sign of deer but I got the feeling the deer moved around a fair bit.
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    Was wondering if the other side of the river was any good or stick to this side
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